Welcome to Eddy Current Analysis Eddy Current Analysis of Mid-America is a company solely devoted to non-destructive  testing (NDT) of air conditioning (chiller tubes). This type of testing will identify almost all  common tube problems, which can otherwise result in costly equipment failure and  unscheduled downtime.  Eddy Current Testing can be used on centrifugals, reciprocals, absorbers, heat  exchangers, and surface condensers. We can test a wide variety of metals such as  copper, CU-NI, Brass, Stainless steel, etc. etc. We can test all tubing sizes from 1/8"  through 2".  Eddy Current testing of a Carrier Chiller at the Sprint World Headquarters in Overland Park, Kansas. Frequently Asked Questions Contact Information Eddy Current Analysis Steve@EddyCurrentAnalysis.com 913-652-9898 Copyright © 2009-2014 Eddy Current Analysis of Mid America, Inc.  All Rights Reserved  Site designed and maintained by ECA