FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS What is Eddy Current Testing? Eddy Current testing is a non-destructive accurate method of analysing your air conditioning and heat exchanger tubes. It can be done quickly with minimal downtime. This type of testing will identify problems which cause tube leaks that result in major repair costs and extended downtime. How often should Eddy Current Testing be done? Preventative testing is recommended on all tube bundles at least every (3) three years. Eddy Current test results can be compared to the prior test to help determine rates of tube deterioration as well as predict future tube life. In some cases where well water is being used or there is no water treatment, then yearly Eddy Current testing is recommended. How much does Eddy Current Testing cost? Various factors determine the cost of an Eddy Current Test such as the type of machine, the quantity of tubes, the driving distance, etc. Please contact Eddy Current Analysis with your make, model, and serial number and the location of your chiller and we will be happy to send you a bid. Does Experience Matter? Eddy Current Analysis technicians have been trained and certified in accordance to guidelines established by the American Society of non-destructive testing. It is very important that the technician performing the ECT (Eddy Current Test) understands the various types of machines and tubing as well as the proper techniques in performing an ECT. Eddy Current Analysis will provide a certified Level III technician as per SNT-TC-1A guidelines. How should I prepare my chiller for Eddy Current Testing? 1) Remove the head from the 'easy end' (the easy end is the head without the piping). 2) Place the head away from the test end, normally along the side of the machine. 3) Manually brush the tubes with a good tube-brushing machine. I recommend the Goodway Model RAM-4 or the RAM-6. How important is Water Treatment? Although there are many things that could cause damage to the tubes such as vibration, debris, or stress; the single most common problem that we encounter is improper water treatment. We know after completing our test whether or not your water treatment program should be reviewed.
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